International Spies

Now this is a question that has truly plagued me for years. How in the world do they recruit for international spy jobs? I cannot imagine that the government has a spy career fair where applicants meet with all the agencies in need of spies. That would be chaos! Every single person would be trying to make an entrance to boost their reputation: people dropping from the air vents, driving cars through the giant window in the room, coming in dressed as a janitor only to take the fake mustache off thus revealing their true identity… you see what I mean? They can be sneaky, but they lack originality. I would, however, love to witness that train wreck, even though you wouldn’t be able to hear anyone talk due to the enormous amounts of martinis being shaken and not stirred. Seriously it doesn’t make a damn difference so stop making up stupid reasons to make a special order. Anyway, I think I’ve come up with the answer to the original question posed earlier; how do they recruit for international spy jobs? Giant international hide-and-seek contest. Last man not found wins the job. It’s the only thing that makes any sense.


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