Santa’s Workshop

When you look at a child, don’t look only at their apparent innocence. They are as tricky and deceptive as the rest of us. Several years ago, I was thinking of what I would like for Christmas. I was just getting to the age where I didn’t really believe in Santa anymore and my mom did not like this new development. She wanted me, for just one more year, to believe in Santa. I decided that I was ok with helping her out, but at a cost. I wanted a brand new Nintendo 64 for Christmas, but obviously all of the stores in town were sold out. I told my mom that I was asking for one for Christmas from Santa, but she plead that Santa would have just as difficult of a time getting one in stores. This was my time to strike. “But mom… Santa has his own workshop where they make the toys, he doesn’t buy them…” Bingo. My mom spent weeks looking for this toy just to have me believe for one more year. Looking back, I feel remorse for taking advantage of my own mother like that, but exploitation was the name of the game when it came to toys back then. Toys were quite possibly the most important thing in my life at the time, so you can’t blame me for doing whatever it took to get my desired toy. But anyway, the moral of the story is that children are not all cute and innocent as much as they may try to sway you in that direction. They know how to get their way and they know that it works. Don’t be fooled.


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