Exercise and Video Games

Video Games have become increasingly about more movement: motion sensitive controllers, electronic musical instruments, exercise games, and now video cameras to track your movements. I am here to tell you that this comes as an outrage to me. This push toward physical activity completely destroys the point of video games. When I sit down to play video games, I sit with the expectations of remaining in that position for the rest of the intense gaming session. Anyway, why the hell would I want to move when playing games? That is my relaxing time. Thumbs should be all the movement I need. If I really wanted a workout while I played video games I would run in place in front of the TV while I shoot bad-guys or send my Italian plumber through a series of drainage pipes or throw the touchdown pass (with the button, not my arm). The point is that we should leave exercise at the gym and not let it interfere with our important social (or in many cases, anti-social) and sloth-like endeavors. And sure, from time to time I may play these so-called “games”, but the term “video games” has a certain connotation to it. That connotation is “lazy, unhealthy fun time”. These new games should be called “I’m-too-lazy-to-go-to-the-gym-but-want-to-trick-myself-into-thinking-I-did-something-worthy-of-calling-a-workout” games. Don’t try to fool us by calling them video games, because they’re not.


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