A Born Schemer

Ever since I was just a young buck, scheming has been  my forte.  Even at as young as ten years old, I can remember thinking of new ways to make money.  See, I realized very early that I liked stuff (particularly electronics) a lot; I also made the connection that in order to get that stuff I would have to exchange money for it, so it made sense that I needed to find ways to make money.  As it turned out, I also was very lazy, so I had to think of ways to make money without taking too much of a physical or mental toll on myself; this is how scheming came into play.

When I was younger and Beanie-Babies were such a hot item to buy, I found a book that made an estimate of how much these little critters would be worth by the year 2008.  It was published, so obviously it had to be true.  According to the book, almost all of them would be worth $60 or more.  Currently selling at about $10 each, that’s a 600% profit in 10 years!  I couldn’t make that in the stock market.  I bought those damn fuzzy animals like they were going out of style.  Little did I know at the time that they actually were.  Now I’m stuck with a big case of them sitting in my bedroom back home.

Anyway, next up came football cards.  Fun to collect, yes; profitable, probably not.  I have boxes and boxes of those sitting around my house now too, and I haven’t profited a dime from them.  Sure I’ve sold one here an there, but at the time, that money generally went right back into more cards.  Yet another sunken cost.

Several collections and pyramid schemes later, I’m still always on the lookout for easy ways to make money even now.  Old habits die hard.  What’s next in the world of scheming?  Hmm, maybe I’ll start a blog…  That’s bound to take off and make millions!


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